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Some of us may find it challenging to feel connected when being directed to physically distance. Check out some of these suggestions to stay connected. We’d also love to hear what’s been working for you. Head over to @utshift for more suggestions and to share your own ideas.

  • Healthy Horns-Staying Well While Staying Home
  • Utilize an online connection tool to spend time with people you care about. If you’re having a virtual happy hour, remember to use moderately—check out these tips for safer use
  • Looking for a way to have fun with friends and family online? Play a game online, watch a movie simultaneously, cook the same meal, watch a concert, virtually tour a museum online together, or exercise at the same time — there are a number of possibilities!

Feeling connected, but still bored? Here are some ideas to help with boredom

  • Make a project list for yourself of things you’ve been putting off.
  • Check out Rec Sports for ways to stay active!
  • Challenge yourself to learn something new:
    • cook something new
    • learn how to play an instrument
    • begin painting
    • start a garden
    • practice mindfulness, like mediation
    • try Yoga
    • learn a new language
  • Fill your time by reading a new book, listening to podcasts, writing, dancing, go outside and take a walk, any other form of exercise
  • Join a virtual group - for exercise, a book club, support group, or there are groups for just about anything you that matches your interest.


SHIFT - SHIFTovation


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