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SHIFT is ready for a different conversation.

For decades substance use and college campuses have been talked about as an inevitable rite of passage for college students, creating a norm that can far out shadow the dynamic pursuits of college students that revolve around academics and future opportunities.

SHIFT engages the community in dialogue that changes the culture of campus substance use from one of misuse to one of well-being.

SHIFT is comprised of six pilot initiatives that integrate multi-dimensional approaches to engage our entire UT community including students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

Join the conversation and learn more about our pilot initiatives.

Pilot One


Pilot Two


Pilot Three


Pilot Four


Pilot Five


Pilot Six


Our Mission is in our name:

What SHIFTS here, changes the culture.


A different conversation around college life and substance use; one that focuses on holistic health, rather than one of misuse.

We aim to:

  • Enlist the entire community to make a difference;
  • Create a culture of healthy community, connections, and coping skills;
  • Reduce substance misuse and its harms.

Wondering how you might connect with SHIFT? Well, howdy, partner!

The SHIFT Office
UT Austin
Student Services Building
100 W Dean Keeton Street

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