SHIFT - SHIFTovation


Part of what makes SHIFT so innovative is the collaboration among the academic realm and student life. Faculty play a key role in SHIFTing the culture and establishing change. Below are some ways that faculty are SHIFTing it up in the classroom!

Signature Course Professors: A handful of SC faculty have joined in by integrating SHIFT related discussions into their existing course content and by enhancing protective factors of the classroom. These courses cover a diverse range of topics, but share the unifying focus of caring for the success of their students.

Are you a faculty member who wants to hear more about how you might get involved? Contact Dr. Lori Holleran Steiker to learn more.



Wondering how you might connect with SHIFT? Well, howdy, partner!

The SHIFT Office
UT Austin
Student Services Building
100 W DEan Keeton Street

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