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Q: Can our organization still sign up for a workshop from Phase 2 or 3 if we haven’t completed Phase 1?

A: Yes! Following the consecutive order of the SHIFT List is recommended but not required. Completing all three phases is only required for organizations that wish to receive awards or other incentives. We encourage students to sign up for any of the SHIFT List offerings at any time.

Q: How many members of our organization must participate in order to be incentivized?

A: Our expectation is that at least 50% of your total organization membership will participate in all three phases of the SHIFT List. However, in the initial 1:1 meeting with SHIFT staff, we work together to determine a reasonable percentage for your organization based on its size and learning goals. We request that a leader in your organization maintains a roster of those who attend each workshop.

Q: How do we show our organization’s progress?

A: Your progress is tracked each time you sign up for a workshop. We try our best to accommodate your schedules when selecting dates for the workshops. To be eligible for incentives, we expect organizations to complete the three phases within one academic year.

Q: How do we receive our incentive(s) after completing all 3 phases?

A: We work with you to determine which incentive makes the most sense for your organization. Since the SHIFT List is a collaborative effort, the awards and other offerings are granted from different departments on campus. SHIFT will coordinate with our campus partners to ensure your organization is recognized upon completion of the series.

Q: What if our organization is considered “dry” and/or we don't have events with alcohol or drugs? What can we get out of the SHIFT List?

A: We recognize that many UT students choose not to engage in substance use of any kind. The SHIFT List does not make the assumption that students must use substances to find value in this series. For example, we believe all students can benefit from learning how to intervene appropriately in a crisis, recognize warning signs of a potentially harmful situation, and positively impact the culture of UT to decrease risk and promote overall well-being. These are some of the topics covered throughout the SHIFT List.

Q: What if our organization is skeptical about the content of the workshops?

A: It’s common to have concerns that some approaches might condemn, stigmatize, or push abstinence. However, the foundational perspective of the SHIFT List is harm-reduction. This means our goal is to empower students to develop practical strategies aimed at reducing unwanted consequences. We strongly believe students can make informed, mindful decisions and still have fun, take care of one another, and meet their goals. Harm-reduction acknowledges that substance use is not black-and-white but rather exists on a spectrum. We meet students where they are to create a non-judgmental, non-confrontational space suited for more real and honest conversations.

Q: Who do I contact if I still have questions?

A: Please email our Community Engagement Coordinator, Taylor Simons, at for additional concerns or questions!


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